On-Site Vehicle & Machinery Repair

Mobile Mechanic Service Company in Roseburg Oregon specializes in the repair of your car, truck, SUV, RV, diesel, farm equipment, and heavy equipment. Our highly trained ASE and Toyota Certified Master Technicians, and their fully equipped mobile repair vehicles, will be dispatched TO YOUR LOCATION, to perform repairs on-site. Yes, you read that right. We bring the repair shop to you!

Why wait at a dealership all day for your vehicle, and have to negotiate with up-sell specialists who are not technicians? Why pay costly towing bills? We take the hassle and frustration out of the equation by performing all repairs, tune-ups, preventative maintenance, and upgrades at your location in Roseburg, while you watch and ask questions if you’d like.

We deal directly with you, in the comfort of your own home, at HALF the price of most repair shops.

We have all current computers for cars, trucks, RVs, diesels, farm equipment, and heavy equipment, both Foreign & Domestic, and we have all computer software for most diesel trucks including Volvo, NPR, Hino, and Diamond logic programs. There’s NOTHING we can’t fix.

In addition to being ASE Certified, we are also Toyota specialists with certifications and expert training from Toyota University.

Our mechanics are always available to answer questions. Call now for same day service or schedule for a future date.